The formation takes place in several stages       




Pre-Novitiate lasts between six months and one year. It is a time to:

  • Live with the sisters and to share in their daily life and mission.
  • Get to know and to discover more about each other.
  • ‘Come and see’ (John 1: 39)


The novitiate (which lasts for two years) is the first step in religious life.

One takes a step back from our professional life, family life and other commitments. This separation allows one to slow down and to listen to the Inner voice of Jesus. The novitiate allows one to discover from within the spirit and mission of the Cenacle Sisters through a life of prayer and reflection on the Word of God, spiritual accompaniment, sessions, experiencing  the ‘Spiritual Exercises’ of St. Ignatius of Loyola and immersion in the  apostolic life of the community. In this way the discernment continues and at the end of two years the first commitment to follow Christ through the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience is made.


Temporary professed

This can last from six and nine years.

The ‘temporary professed’ is sent on mission for one or two years for an apostolic immersion in one of our communities. Then there is a period of three to five years of formation in theology, philosophy, exegesis, pastoral ministry… This stage allows the ‘temporary professed’ to acquire a solid foundation for apostolic service in its different forms.


Finally there is the last stage called the « tertianship » or « third year »

This is like a third year of novitiate to prepare for the definitive commitment of perpetual profession.

Why does it take so many years before you can make a final commitment?

It is what is required of us by the church. It offers an opportunityto deepen our knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ and his call to us.

This period of formation offers us time to reflect on all that we are both human and spiritual. It allows us time to prepare ourselves for this life of commitment so that others can experience the joy of encountering Christ.

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