How to pray?

One family 10
Prayer for Advent Day
One family 10
A prayer for our earth
November 1st Al Saint’s Day
Let us listen to the words of Pope Francis and ask the Spirit for the gift of holiness.
One family 10
Adsumus, Sancte Spiritus
Notre histoire 5
September 26th : Holiday of Sainte Thérèse Couderc
I want to see God. Is it possible ? Only after death ? From today ? Ste Thérèse wrote : « God is good, he's more than good, he is Goodness »
Contemplating the face of Christ
The Fourth Sunday of Easter
Paul Zach sings, ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’. Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John. This prayer is proposed by the website Pray as you go.
Méditer la parole de Dieu
Prayer Isaiah 43
Stop, read, imagine the scene, search for the deep meaning of the story, be surprised, sometimes protest! And thus share with God my joys and doubts in a true dialogue.
Prier avec « Les saintes femmes au tombeau » de Maurice Denis, 1894
Praying with “Holy Women Near the Tomb”. By Maurice Denis (1894)
Poet of everyday life, the nabi Maurice Denis helps us to perceive the mystery of the Resurrection in our ordinary life. We offer this prayer for your meditation.
Brouillon auto 12
Praying with a text from Maurice Bellet
A priest and theologian trained in psychoanalysis, Maurice Bellet died on 5 April 2018, leaving a work that renewed Christian spirituality. He was a close, creative, but also critical and demanding figure in contemporary Christianity. He was a close, creative, but also critical and demanding figure of contemporary Christianity. We offer this prayer for your meditation.
Méditer la parole de Dieu
Praying with the Psalm 130: Search Me, O God, and Know My Heart
It is possible to flow into another's prayer. We suggest that you do so with the author of Psalm 139, who knows that we can talk to God and tell him everything that is on our hearts. Before praying with this psalm, you can do like him: talk to God spontaneously. God asks you: "How are you? "and you answer him. This familiarity with God, this believer experiences it. He knows that God is the one to whom you can talk, to whom you can confide, whom you can question and even to whom you can reproach! Familiarity with God to whom one says "you", then reading this psalm, feeling how you can make it your own or not. How does it reach you? What feelings does it provoke in you?
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