Sr Claudia’s Testimony

Interview with Sister Claudia

“I was already forty years old when I entered the Cenacle, I had worked in two different realities, as a designer-model maker for an American company that had a garment workshop in Italy. I was also painting, and I worked as a drawing and art history teacher, in order to have more time to paint.

The Lord called me late, at a time when I enjoyed my work, when I had a pleasant and comfortable life, when I felt good. The Lord calls the deaf shouting louder, and I was one of the deaf! I understood that the Lord was asking me to follow him totally, but follow him where? A friend suggested that I go on a journey of discernment with the sisters of the Cenacle – I had never heard of them – and I chose them ! What struck me about her was their spirituality, their relationship with God, which is not intellectual but existential. This relationship makes it possible to experience the real existence of God, and I consider this to be an immense grace.

If I had to give three words to describe the Cenacle, I would say: For a full life.” [Per vita piena, in Italian, that’s actually three words !]

Sister Claudia, community of Roma

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