Highlights of WYD in Lisbon

World Youth Day (WYD) in Lisbon, organized from August 1 to 6, 2023, brought together a million pilgrims. Between prayers, masses, times of sharing, activities and concerts… Relive the highlights of this 17th edition with the testimonies of the sisters of the Cenacle !

Unique moments to relive in pictures...
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Highlights of WYD in Lisbon

Sr Cécile Direz“What was most striking for me during these WYD was what was built with the young people and among them. The “Magis circles” (sharing groups of around ten young people) made it possible to walk together throughout WYD and to create strong bonds, in a climate of great trust; this was a starting point to then open up to young people from all over the world and experience the universal church without feeling lost in the crowd. And these links also opened up very deep informal exchanges, which still remain with me today.”

 Sr Cécile Direz, community of Kremlin-Bicêtre

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“WYD for me : joy, meetings, adventure!”

Sister Claire de Leffe“What touched me: the ease of relationships, the simple messages of the Pope which went to the heart: “Todos” “Non tiene miedo” “God loves you as you are, He loves me as I am

The Stations of the Cross were a very strong moment.

The joy of serving together with the other companions and of experiencing this strong moment with the young people.

A conviction on this return: we thirst for God, for his Word of Life and to live it together

Sr Claire de Leffe, community of Versailles 


“There is room for everyone in the Church”

“A striking image: The young people who are rising little by little to respond to the call to get involved… to be artisans of communion in our Churchto put themselves at the service of the most little ones in our society... and to proclaim the Name of Jesus.”


A strong moment : During the Magis International days, after the presentation of the Ignatian nuns of the different congregations, when a Jesuit calls out to me to tell me that he knows my sisters from Singapore… when a young Filipina calls out to me, a few minutes later, to tell me his gratitude for having made his retreat at the Cenacle of Manila… when British nuns also call on me to tell me that they collaborate with my sisters in Liverpool and London… There I felt that I was a member of the International Body of the Cenacle, even if I was the only sister of the Cenacle already arrived in Lisbon that day ! ”

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“A feeling that haunts me a month after the return of WYD : hope… in the face of the faith and spiritual thirst of so many young people !

A word from the Pope that I do not want to forget: “there is room for everyone in the Church, for everyone! No one is useless, no one is superfluous, there is room for everyone. As we are, everyone. (…) All, all, all ! ”

Sister Anne-CatherineSister Anne-Catherine Simon, community of Kremlin-Bicêtre 

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