Throughout the year, 3 to 10 days according to the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius
Retraites et haltes spirituelles
For all
from 01 April 2021
to 31 December 2021

A retreat is a time set apart in order to pray and reflect on life and to be with God who made us and loves us.

Come and take a step back for a few hours, a day or several days. Draw from the source by listening to the Word of God. Alone or with the help of someone who accompanies you on your journey, depending on where you are at. Retreat according to the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius.

For more information, please contact the spiritual center. 

Financial contribution
What to bring
How to get there
Registration: 18 euros. Between 150 and 350 euros for the whole course. 100 euros for students or unemployed people. Accommodation and meals package: between 47 and 77 euros/24h. Animation: between 14 and 69 euros per day. Annual membership of the association: 18 euros (25 euros for couples). Possible rental of sheets and towels: 7 euros. Deposit on registration (confirmation by the centre): 50 euros non-refundable. Under no circumstances should a financial difficulty prevent you from coming. Solutions exist. 

Bring Bible and writing materials.

10 minutes on foot from Versailles-Chantiers station (direct link with Paris-Montparnasse station)

Spiritual Centre of Versailles
68, avenue de Paris
78000 Versailles, France
Team Moderators: Cenacle sisters
Other dates available
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