The Cenacle Sisters of England and Ireland

Adult Faith Formation

As Cenacle Sisters we support people in their life of faith in diverse ways. Sisters work with others in parishes and dioceses to provide formation in catechesis, spiritual development and theological education.

Through involvement in training programmes for pastoral workers and catechists and participation in the sacramental preparation in the parish I have come to appreciate the generosity and giftedness of so very many people within the Church. It is a privilege to train them as they seek to equip themselves for service. I try to support and encourage them as they give of their time and talents to build up the life of their local parish communities.  (Kate Stogdon)

I work with a range of people in spiritual direction, training and formation; especially through teaching the art of spiritual direction and theology and spirituality. This gives the opportunity to both share my own life of faith and to help others to deepen their sense of how God is speaking to them through the circumstances of their lives. I feel very fortunate to be able to accompany people as they ponder, reflect, learn and grapple with the important questions, challenges and joys before them. (Kate Stogdon)

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